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pea protein sample
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Vegan Protein Powder Sample Pack
Vegan Protein Powder Sample Pack
pea protein sample pack
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pea protein shake sample
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Vegan Protein Powder Sample Pack

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Vegan Protein Powder Sample Pack

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The Naked Difference

Naked Pea
Regular Pea Powder
Up to 3 premium ingredients, including yellow pea protein
5+: unnatural additives and preservatives to aid mixing, color, artificial flavors
Added Sugars
No added sugar
High sugar content
Mechanical processing with no chemicals to retain superior amino acid profile
Chemicals used
Independent third-party tested
No third-party tests
Country of Origin
US and Canada


  • Dairy Free Dairy Free
  • GMO Free GMO Free
  • Soy Free Soy Free
  • Vegan Vegan


Sustainable Farming Practices

Sustainable Farming Practices

Naked Pea is made exclusively from yellow split peas grown in the US and Canada to ensure the highest quality, as well as to promote farming practices that are sustainable and earth-friendly. Switching to plant-based products like pea protein can significantly reduce your carbon footprint¹.

Superior Amino Acid Profile

Superior Amino Acid Profile

Naked Pea is mechanically extracted from yellow split peas without the use of chemicals. This results in a superior amino acid profile, which is beneficial for muscle growth and post workout recovery. Combine with Naked Rice, which is higher in the amino acid methionine, to make the perfect complete vegan protein shake.

Promote Muscle Gain

Promote Muscle Gain

Along with a superior amino acid profile, pea protein is easily digested, making it an excellent alternative to whey protein for those looking to gain muscle on a plant-based diet². Evidence suggests that pea protein might be equally effective as whey for building muscle thickness³.

Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Similar to whey, pea protein can support muscle maintenance and increase satiety. By helping you stay full for longer, Naked Pea can reduce cravings and support your body composition goals.

Boost Protein Intake

Boost Protein Intake

Adequate protein intake is vital to boost metabolism, promote fat burning, and overall health. Each serving of Naked Pea contains 27 grams of protein and only 120 calories. Adding pea protein to your diet is an excellent way to boost protein intake on a plant-based diet.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Nutrition Info

Serving Size

1 Pouch

Number of Servings

4 Pouches



Calories: 120
Protein: 27g
Vitamin A: 0g
Calcium: 85mg
Iron: 2.85mg
Phosphorous: 75mg
Magnesium: 23mg
Total Fat: 0.5g
Saturated Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Potassium: 100mg
Sodium: 110mg
Total Carbohydrates: 2g
Dietary Fiber: 0g
Sugars: 2g

% Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
* Daily Value established.

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How To Use

How To Use

  • When: Add a single serving pouch to protein shakes and smoothie bowls. Best used in the morning, before a workout, or after a workout.
  • Blend: Mix one pouch into 6-10oz of milk, water or your favorite beverage. Add fruits and vegetables to add flavor and dress up the taste.
  • Pair With: Add Naked PB and Naked Rice for flavor, extra protein and for a protein shake that has a diversified, complete amino acid profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

The peas are exclusively sourced from environmentally friendly farms in the USA and Canada. The peas are GMO-free, and Naked Pea undergoes mechanical water-extraction for processing to maintain a superior amino acid profile.

Lead is naturally occurring in soil. However, Naked Pea undergoes independent testing to ensure that the product adheres to the safety standards set by the FDA.

Yes, Naked Pea is a pea protein isolate. This allows us to ensure that Naked Pea contains as much high-quality protein as possible.

Pea protein powder is actually very heat stable, which means it maintains the same nutrients even after being heated to a high temperature. If the protein is exposed to extremely high temperatures for a long time, this may result in the pea protein taking longer to absorb into the body, but the nutrition remains intact. It’s easy to cook and bake with Naked Pea, so feel free to experiment and check out the recipes on our blog!

Naked Pea is an excellent protein powder option for vegans, vegetarians, people with lactose sensitivities, or for those who simply just prefer plant-based protein. With its superior amino acid profile, this product will support your health and immune system while also providing the necessary protein for muscle gain, weight maintenance, or weight loss.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews

I liked the vanilla one, it’s very tasty. I mix it with the rice protein and I’m so happy with the result!

I'm So Elated They Have Samples!

Five starts automatically just for the product - I LOVE samples. You get a very reasonable amount of powder in each packet. Considering just a jar of this stuff is closer $20, and you get to try all three of their products from this series, I thought the price was quite reasonable. Vanilla flavor was good! Chocolate was quite strange to me and tasted more nutty. I prefer intense chocolate flavors so I don't think that one is for me. Be aware that THIS IS NOT INSTANT SHAKE POWDER. You can use it as a shake, but it's not optimal, and you'll need to add something extra to make it work. I blended the vanilla with vanilla oat milk and thought it was pretty good, but it was pretty gritty. If texture is something you can't get past, you'll need to blend this up in a smoothie or with some kind of nut-based fat. Overall, I think this is a quality product. So many protein powder companies don't have samples of their product, making it difficult to find the powder that's right for you - so if you're on the fence, I'd go ahead and buy it.

Just OK, Prefer the Whey

I ordered these and the Naked Whey sample packets at the same time to try them all, since the pea protein is cheaper than the whey I was hoping I’d like these more. Unfortunately I find these a lot harder to get down than the whey. They aren’t bad tasting by any means, but I feel like they taste powdery? Even when blended with fruits.

If I was tighter on spending I could make the chocolate or unflavored Naked Pea work, the vanilla I would pass on each time. I ordered 2 sets of each sampler pack and I’m going to squirrel what’s left of my Naked Pea packets(1 unflavored and 1 vanilla) for if I’m in a pinch and just must have an extra boost of protein in my day and have absolutely no other options.

Literally the best protein powder!

This is the best protein powder! They do NOT chemically split their peas like most other pea protein companies! That's the main thing that drew me to them. I use their unflavored one but got the sample pack to try the other flavors! I have no idea what these other reviews are talking about, you literally cannot taste peas. Even with the unflavored one, there's a small bland taste but it does not taste like peas... People are dramatic. I hate whey protein and most proteins because of their taste, however this one is perfect! I mix it in fruit or veggie smoothies, but lately I've been mixing them into banana milkshakes after workouts!

Great for me

I enjoyed all three samples (original, vanilla and chocolate) with chocolate being my least favorite but that’s a personal preference. Powder was easy to mix with oat milk and frozen fruit into a smoothie. (Using a high power blender) Texture was smooth and flavor was similar to other common protein powders. Didn’t have any digestive issues with this and it did the job. Kept me full for a few hours. I will be ordering full size.

Stephen Pitman
Great product if you can handle the taste

I love the idea of a dairy free protein, but it tastes exactly what you would think it tastes like.

Tastes like peas

Tastes like peas. Love the lack of weird ingredients. Tastes funky when mixed with fruit. My tummy likes it and I don't feel bloated. My favorite was the chocolate - vanilla almost tastes like nothing but I like it. It's perfect if you add your own sugar or with coffee. My favorite way to drink it is with a mocha cappuccino blend. It was heavenly I really do like it and will be buying the chocolate. It tasted less like peas

W. W.
Maybe it's just not for me.

The quality of the product seemed good. I just couldn't stomach the aftertaste, but that is of course subjective.

Just okay

I wanted to love this, but it was kind of chalky. The flavor is decent, but I couldnt get past that chalky taste.

Limited ingredients, but the taste makes it hard to drink

There are limited ingredients, low sugar, high protein, and the texture is alright, but the flavor is awful, and its makes it hard to force yourself to finish. I havent tried the chocolate yet, but honestly, I dont want to. It may be ok if you mix it with other stuff, but that doesnt work well with what I am looking for, nor does it make for quick or travel friendly. It is cheaper than other protein I have been buying which is what brought me to it. Compared to the other, it has 2.5G more protein and 2.5G less carbs in the same amount of powder, which was also promising to me, but I just dont want to drink it. All in all, I would rather spend more for something that is enjoyable even if its slightly less nutrient dense.