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Micellar Casein Protein Powder

Naked Casein - 5lb
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Absolutely terrible customer service and poor order tracking. Just because of it I will stay away from the product and the company

Jean Montalvo
Very good

Loved it mixed with naked pb!

Great protein, serving size misleading

This is the cleanest protein on the market IMO. Only issue I have is the serving size. Says 2 scoops is 38g, but after weighing out one true scoop multiple times, it averaged around 26g. This would make 2 true scoops come in around 52g. If you don’t weigh out your powder, just beware, you are probably drinking more than you think!

Easy on the stomach

I love how simple this is ! Very easy on my stomach and clean !

Rafael Adrian
What’s not to like?

You get quality milk and quality extraction and isolation process equals quality casein protein powder. Nothing more nothing less.

What’s not to like !

You get quality milk and quality extraction and isolation process equals quality casein protein powder. Nothing more nothing less.

Excellent product

I take this before I go to sleep. It is frothy, which was to be expected. I add water, Apple cider vinegar (1 tsp), some stevia, and 4 oz orange juice. It works for me. I had missed taking it for over a week as I forgot to buy it in a timely fashion. It impacted my recovery and could not work hard as I used to (just become 51) and as soon as I got back on it, I was back to my normal self within a week. I lift weights for 4-5 days/week.

Rancid casein

I am not here to bash this company by posting this review. I have bought their protein many times now and loved it! However, I bought the vanilla Casein protein powder and after taking my fist sip I realized it was rancid! It was chunky and had the consistency of mucas. It also had a weird smell, and tasted terribly. I wasn’t too upset about for I do understand things happen. What made me disappointed was the lack of customer support from this company. I reached out many times only for them to tell me that they didn’t have an issue with the batch associated with my order number. I told them I had no issue sending my old product back. It sure seems like they think I enjoy wasting my time jumping though countless hoops just to contact them. So now I am not only out of $100 for the five pounder, I still don’t have any protein. Overall, it is safe to say that I will no longer be buying any naked whey products from here on out. The customer service rep pretty much thinks I’m making this up, as if I would gain anything from it. I’ve been drinking protein for 15 years and I know what a non-spoiled protein shake taste like and this wasn’t it.

Trey Cobb
Great product

I would probably go with the vanilla flavor but if you add this to a smoothie it taste pretty good. Can’t beat 110 calories for 26 grams of protein

Would buy again.

The unflavored version is working out well for an IBS related illness sufferer. Have to shake it up really good to get it to fluff back up. I think it tastes pretty good all on its own. People always equate chocolate, or vanilla flavored protein powders as something that needs to cover up something that tastes bad. I think the fallacy is putting chocolate, or vanilla with something would taste much better with Ranch, butter, or cheese.